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10 Critical Control Points for ecommerce packaging

Improvements have been implemented for a better #customer experience as easy to return boxes & easy opening. Nevertheless, design development is still needed in #ecommerce packaging to avoid wasted space for a better sustainable footprint.

Customer experience is key after online shopping and it gives competitive advantage to company which manages it well.

Below 10 critical control points to check for ecommerce packaging to enhance customer experience and have more sustainable parcels:

  1. Need be clean &dry, secure (not opened during transit) and have the material performance to avoid damage

  2. Eliminate unnecessary packaging material as fitment / insert that would need to be disposed of or recycled

  3. Redesign packaging to avoid box in box packaging

  4. Have the right size packaging (not too big or too small) to avoid wasted space

  5. Easy to open, avoiding scissors and knives to access the contents

  6. Use packaging materials that are easy to recycle or reusable

  7. Have information on how to return the item and have reusable packaging

  8. Have branding (ideally inside) to reflect the vibe of the brand

  9. Avoid external brand sign to prevent theft

  10. Customise the sending with a “thank you” word or any personalised attention for a better customer experience.



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