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2018, year of useless packaging

I remember a study that I made a long time ago, where my team and I had identified 169 functions for packaging.

At that time, packaging was considered as useful by producers but maybe not by consumers... which lead to the current situation.

Without going so far in describing packaging functionalities, let’s go back to square one and let's talk about the 2 main functions of the packaging that everyone should understand :

  1. the protection: if there is a packaging, this is to protect what it contains during its transport and during its lifetime, from breakage, contamination, dust etc. It is often forgotten, but with unpackaged food products, we would have more to do gastro! Edible packaging in this context is a non-sense

  2. the consumer information: the packaging allows to communicate elements on the ingredient list, brand, operation, use, traceability etc. Without packaging we would need a lot more imagination to guess composition of product; where it comes from, what it does and how to dispose it ...

Let’s see what 2019 will bring …but it is maybe time to go back to basic functions to improve packaging "reputation"



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