Did sustainable packaging reach a tipping point or the breaking point?

Updated: Mar 2, 2020

Don't you think t's kind of weird? people have never heard of packaging, recycling, or waste management as much as today. However, although we are aware of the need to avoid unnecessary packaging and go for more sustainable packaging, it is still difficult to go for the right solutions…

Poor message on packaging continue to mislead consumers:

- "I am not a plastic" when packaging looks like a plastic and is made with a polymer.

- "I am 100 % biodegradable", this doesn’t mean what it really is (degradable / compostable in soil in water?)

-FB/ twitter/insta and all social media experts delivering their own expertise …

- Plastic is bad !

- Plastic is good !

Huge time lag between industrial /green tax time and material or process innovation time ; Does Material Innovation move so fast, that it makes last year option obsolete?
  • Chemical recycling

  • Bio based new materials

  • Barrier mono-materials

At the country / European level, alignment is necessary with all stakeholders in the value chain to implement sustainable and responsible packaging.

At the company level, global alignment with all functions is necessary to implement the best options.
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