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Is CIRCULAR packaging good enough?

Does your packaged product ready to endure the next crisis at a viable cost? what are the key learning to keep in mind and how to use packaging to adapt to difficult time?

What will be the next crisis: social, financial, sanitary ? who knows ? Nobody can predict it but we all know it will happen, question is not the crisis “style”, it is when…

So, let’s anticipate what should be the right packaging by using #CIRCULAR and #COILS principle. Sustainability and circularity is only one part of the equation or the solution.

C.O.I.L.S. packaging stands for solutions which are:

· Cost effective

· Omni-channel ready

· Inclusive by design

· Logistically friendly

· Sustainable

COILS packaging could be summarized as the minimum rule or principle for all packaged products avoiding any issue in the value chain from raw material manufacturing to end of life. It is designed to take into account all key parameters, not only circular economy.

#Cost effective: when selecting raw material or packaging system, the total cost of the solution needs to be evaluated versus expected performance. Think primary+ secondary + tertiary packaging solutions. Implementing the right level of performance is key to eliminate unnecessary element or over-engineered packaging. What is the Value/Cost vs Competition?

#Omnichannel ready: packaging solution has to be the same or be easily adjustable to any channels and shopping systems (online-offline).

#Inclusive by design: packaging has the potential to include or exclude customers. Packaging should not be only holistic by design but needs also to include all customers clusters (disable, aged people, etc.). Customer packaging performance indicators can be set up.

#Logistically friendly: packaging design for logistic and supply chain, to avoid empty or wasted space in the packaging to transport and store more products. Few millimetres can make the difference and save space and money.

#Sustainable: when choosing the raw material and format, think about circular packaging. Think reuse and recyclability to reduce waste and avoid extra cost linked to waste management fees. Technology and availability of waste management solutions have to be reviewed.

Many solutions exist! Let’s talk or visit our consulting services page.



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