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let's be sustainably human !

soyons "durablement humain"

sustainable human

A ban on single-use packaging is #socially and #locally #discriminant: it seems we do not take care about humans:

  1. • In some parts of the world, people need to pack their products to protect their #food from #contamination and so protect their #health!

  2. • People in need in Europe must have the best #prices for their food. They can not afford to go to the classy butcher and would need longer term shelflife

  3. • If you can not drink or use your own hands, how will you feel in a restaurant with a #straw when everybody told you that it's bad for the environment ? In addition to your #disability, should you also feel like a destroyer of the planet?

let's be #sustainably #human and vote for a reasonnable use of single-use plastic packaging instead of a discriminating ban.

Single use plastic may have several sources as renewable or recycled, plastics can be recyclable or "biodegradable" and so be sustainable.



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