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moulded fibre for ecommerce packaging

#Sustainable #packaging such as #moulded pulp or #paper foam packaging has gained both commercial and #consumer importance, but why these specific products remain a critically under-researched area?

Everyone knows the use of these materials for eggs or bottles of wine (the F&B segment accounted for around 69% market share) as well as the industrial use. So, what about #ecommerce?

Moulded fibre only use #recycled fibres & #water and produces low #waste during process as it reuses material and water.

There is a great potential and the next years for this solution for #ecommerce as it is highly protective, designed to be fit for purpose, maximises use of recycled material, is fully recyclable or #degradable and minimise #wastedSpace during #transport.

High quality #printing technologies exist and could be applied to #omnichannel packaging. In order to reduce energy use, the applicability of existing new technologies during the #drying phase should be further investigated



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