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use nudge marketing for nudging sustainable packaging

Should brand owners use Nudge marketing principle to nudge sustainable packaging ?

Nudge Marketing is a method of indirect persuasion. It encourages a customer to behave in a certain way without persuasion or coercion. When Benefices are genuine for consumers health or/and the planet, It is worth to ask the question as Nudge principles may have positive effect on sustainability when using it to nudge recyclable packaging versus non-recyclable packaging for example.

83% of consumers say they understand the meaning of sustainability, but only 60 % of brand owners think consumers understand the meaning of sustainability (according The Flexible Packaging Association (FPA) survey done in 2018). so why not using nudge principle to support environemntal behaviour when chosing packaging?

Example of Packaging to enable better consumers health behavior:

· Hydration: Danone 2019 “coacho2" cap clips on the current cap & records the volume of water absorbed by the consumer and, if necessary, offers reminders via discreet light signals in order to drink again.

· Have the right portion in term of calorie intake : clear indication of a portion ( Caprice , Smarties, Pepsi)

How to apply nudge theory to sustainable Packaging for a better planet?

5 main areas could be supported by message on packaging or Apps for teh product or teh packaging itself:

  1. Packaging waste reduction: with eco-refill packaging

  2. Avoid food waste: with shelf life indication with /without packaging

  3. Recyclable / Compostable /Reusable packaging: indicate clearly that the packaging is easy to recycle in main stream or compostable at home/ use or how to recycle it mobile phone apps for more convenience

  1. Renewable packaging: indicating the source of the packaging with appropriate certification

  1. Use less water- less energy or renewable energy during production /transport: indicating clear claims.

Nugde markting can boost sustainable behaviour and should be applied to sustainable packaging.



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