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about us

We believe packaging is the reflect of our society and we want to positively impact it  for sustainable growth! 

We want to transform packaging from an unwanted thing to a value driving performance, cost saving , and sustainable growth. 

We are a team of packaging experts  from food industry,  food service, retail, CPG  with professional experience

with small and big businesses.

Life is short ! We believe a business is more efficient and can save time & money  when collaborating .

We are driven by  performance, transparency, independency and...humour 

Jocelyne Ehret 
packaging startegist & founder

Doctor in food sciences with a speciality in packaging with a broad expertise in innovation, sustainability and food safety.

Her career began at Danone as a research scientist in food science and she occupied several leadership packaging positions in Danone Group in the dairy product and biscuit divisions (now called Mondelez)

Jocelyne designed  the strategy for McDonald’s packaging in Europe in 2012 . She was responsible for 7 years of all packaging sustainability and innovation aspects at McDonald’s in Europe with Havi group and I still love Big Mac.

She lead a wide range of consultancy packaging projects and established long term partnerships with numerous (always lovely) clients  

With more than 20 years of global leadership experience in implementing packaging innovations and productivities in consumer goods and food services. 

Jocelyne had the opportunity to create relevant strategy and organisation to support sales & marketing activities for packaging services. She  continues to play an active role in the development of new talents and best practices in cross functional organizations through coaching and mentoring.

Chetan Parmar 
packaging design & optimisation

Chetan is a senior Engineer in printing, packaging, Supply Chain Management Graduate with 15 years experience of designing, sampling and testing packaging.


He has extensive experience in designing packaging for different types of products like Hard & Soft Good, Home Appliances, Food, Electronics, and Furniture that include Paper Board Packaging, Flexible Packaging, Tag & Labels, Transit Box, EPE, EPS & other internal components. 

Chetan 's philosophy of life  is "“Well done is better than well said” Benjamin Franklin

Frédéric PILLON_edited.jpg
Frederic Pillon
communication & public relations

Packaging is the only marketing element experienced by 100% of a brand’s consumers  and is the reflect the brand. This is why it is important to take care of communication related to packaging.

Fred is a Senior communication professional for 20 years : broadcast TV, print and digital sectors.

Head of communication and public affairs in several public and private organisation .

Leadership in supervising cross functional team 
Major event organizer for public sector and private businesses requesting high project management skills in complex environment.

Fred is a big fan of classic cars .

Photo (002).jpg
Fadoua Louardi
packaging marketing & communication

Fadoua has a Master degree in Product Marketing and innovative solutions.

She is focused on understanding packaged products and marketing to customers.  She is the intermediary function between product development and other functions in the company .

As communciation is key, she creates great  profesionnal presentations easy to share with all stakeholders during  our customers project.

Fadoua is a genuine "Cordon Bleu"

Gender equality is a fundamental value of the European Union. Gender equality benefits research and innovation (R&I) by improving the quality and relevance of R&I, attracting and retaining more talent, and ensuring that everyone can maximise their potential. Our managing director has signed a GEP in 2022.
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