Design the right packaging  is a complex subject matter

We are expert in packaging in all areas it touches from design to end of life throughout the whole supply chain. ​

Packaging functional & sustainable and cost performance is critical to  businesses  whatever they are small or big

Educate your stakeholders about packaging benefit is key


​ Use us as your expert resources to execute your packaging projects

Our objective is to transport less air and more products while enhancing customer experience.

Transport packaging became a key element of sustainability

Standardisation doesn't necessarly mean optimisation - although suppliers, especially  in Asia, are given some standards for packaging,

The real benefits around supply chain efficiency and damage reduction is a game of millimetres and the ability to manage detail at scale.

We want to move from a wasted space economy to a filling economy.

Design for supply chain & logistic 

There is no  good or bad  raw material but their is right or wrong packaging : Communicate and educate any stakeholder or consumer about sustainability  issues through a more global and didactical analysis of the value chain.

Understanding the choice of a raw material (paper/plastic/metal/glass) among other is key.


product + packaging + experience + impacts

for the entire life cycle from creation to end of life, through manufacturing, transportation, storage, use and environmental impact.

Educate & communicate

It's our sharing knowlegde center : We believe that sharing information and providing (relevant) expert packaging  advice for free is key developing more efficient solutions for sustainable business.


Sharing data and information in a transparent manner promotes trust and create synergies for the benefit of all. 

Please ask any question or share your expertise !

forum for members only

Free advice for packaging expertise (member only- free registration)

How to make the right packaging choice ? In an ocean of information, trends,  insights, behaviours : Co-creation is one of the solutions to avoid blindspot and create brand image connected  with the packaging customer see.

We propose to translate this information into packaging oppportunities  to delight shoppers and consumers.

We look at packaging against  key questions: technical & functional assement, economics, brand DNA , environement and we identify opportunities for improvement  to implement the right packaging

When everything look the same what will make the difference?  e-commerce  supply chain is 10 times more complex than traditional retail and need  adjustment in term of packaging to delight the customers and avoid damages.

Align packaging with brand DNA & customer experience

packaging decison

Understand the futur of packaging in term of sustainability, legislation, innovation and drivers which enable right strategy and provide competitive advantage.

We explore tactical and strategic opportunities and work against identifying short term and long term opportunities for your business.

Strategy: Define the futur of your packaging 

Packaging design & optimization Lab

Because we do not just give advices, we also check it works  to deliver solutions!

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