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all-purpose sustainable packaging doesn't exist!

Stop the myth : All-purpose Sustainable packaging doesn’t exist !

What is the best sustainable packaging? Many proposals, many options & solutions are recommanded by non-expert …my mother and my neighbour have an opinion...

This is the reality, regarding packaging everyone have a solution, it is an emotional subject and it is difficult to remain impartial. But, how to choose the right packaging with no doubt regarding its best benefit for the planet, people health, food & resources preservation and… business?!

Packaging is a complex subject as it touches and impacts all the value chain and it is so easy to make a mistake, expecially when we look only at available "internet expertise" .

For example what should we favour ?:

  1. - biodegradable / compostable packaging (industrial – home)

  2. - recyclable packaging made with renewable sources (bio-sourced)

  3. - recyclable packaging made with fossil sources

  4. - reusable packaging

  5. - ban single use plastic

  6. - packaging made with only with paper fibres

  7. - marine degradable material

All the points above seem to sound good, but are you sure ? did you really take everything into account from material production to end-of-life through manufacturing and use ?

Stop the myth: packaging is a complex topic which cannot be simply treated by proposing ban or one all-purpose solution - Each option has its pro & con and everything is a matter of compromise and balance regarding overall impact.

This is the “big issue” to solve ! A scientific approach needs to be undertaken and packaging solutions must be customised taking into account at least the 3 points below:

  • efficient performance with the type of product/use- maybe specific

  • local relevance, having a global answer is a non-sense.

  • overall impact assessment need to be done from source to end of life, regarding use of water, impact on soil/food and air pollution with are the 3 vital needs for humans.

Understanding and checking solutions against these topics is the only option for a sustainable life (and businesses).



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