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It's time to rethink packaging

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There is no good or bad raw material but there is wrong or right packaging !

Passionate about packaging (yes I know it's crazy but it exists !), We believe it is key providing the right information with an unbiased way. Everyone has a view about packaging and sometimes education is needed to make the right decision....this blog is the reflect on our expertise.

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Would you like a precise recommandation for a project or you didn't find what you need,..  (we do not sell packaging but we will tell you everything)  so please leave us a message and we will get back to you - Advices are free on our forum  :-) 

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Design the right packaging is a complex and highly techncial subject. The whole impact in the value and supply chain has to be taken into account.

Packaging has become a major social issue.

The site objective is to be a gateway and a forum for packaging's experts and users to design the packaging of the 21st century.

The site is born because everything and its opposite is said about packaging and that it is time to share more effective and relevant information

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