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ecommerce packaging ?

Any doubt about #packaging design for your business ? how to define the #therightpackaging in e commerce?

e commerce packaging

I ordered #online a very cute white rabbit in porcelaine which arrived broken despite a lot of buble plastic film , paper wrap and #corrugated box ! A lot of #plastic and #packaging but this isn't the guaranty of the right protection

People often make mistake by thinking that wrapping with many layers of packaging will protect the product.

too much packaging doesn't mean protection

it isn't necessary to put a lot of packaging material but it is important to insert the right fitting elements. it's important to have the right packaging in term of material type, dimension , structure, fitting & insert. ( have a look to article regarding e commerce design)

Packaging design (even for transport packaging) is a real job !

mixing renewable and fossil material is not the best solution

cardboard fitting and cardboard insert would have been a better solution .



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