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Disposable Packaging Ban for Food service

#Foodservice #restaurants who use to have #packaging bio-sourced or not,#compostable or not, #recyclable or not, have to 2 years to find new #reusable solution for eating in store.

Ideally #sustainable, economically viable and compliant with food #safety. What a Challenge!

On-site ban for single-use #foodservice in France is coming. The French anti-waste law amendment seeks to prohibit, from January 1st 2023, the provision by quick service restaurant operators of containers, cutlery and #disposable packaging.

One the questions to ask could be about the existing alternatives or development of innovative solutions:

  • using restaurant space to implement room for washing the dishes (could mean less tables & more space for kitchen)

  • use a platform to collect, transport, clean and deliver back cleaned dishes (as Loop for ex.)

  • use a new style of tray easy to clean (with similar equipment as today) respecting high quality of hygiene standards.

  • invent new style of food which does not need cutlery (easy) or container/plate (less easy, right ?)

  • use any reusable containers which can support food building and its transport from the kitchen to the table.

At @therightpackaging, we explore the future of packaging, to support companies on the impact of new laws , innovation and new behaviors regarding the best sustainable solution.



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