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dangerous attractive packaging for kids?

Remember : It was nice to play with some #packaging when we were young, having a yogurt pot as a phone or a big corrugated box to make our house. But is it right to design #food packaging, on purpose, to be attractive for #kids (with or without a play value)?

I would say no for 2 reasons:

1. Attractive packaging for kids influences in the same way desirability for #healthy and #non-healthy food.

2. Packaging with a play value for kids may be confusing in term of product #end-of-life (need to be disposed, recycling education) and create ambiguity between the function of a packaging and a #toy.

But the real danger comes from #reusability !

We can see a lot of examples in mum’s blogs, who propose, with the best intention, to #reuse plastic bottles for ex, to make very young kid’s toys. They replace water with oil with coloured glitters. Unfortunatly, this is dangerous because, the bottle material has not been designed for it and chemical elements of the plastic should not be in contact with fatty product, the packaging elements are not in accordance with toys directive and may not resist to kids use.

Communication has been done with plastic bag, so why not with other packaging which contain chemicals, or are unsafe to be reused as a toy.

I didn’t see any communication about it and my recommendation would be :

do not "play" with packaging.


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