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how to develop the right packaging ?

This is the question at 1 euro ! every packaging #supplier, every consulting company will propose answers.

In an ocean of information, trends, insights, behaviours, #cocreation is the one of solutions to avoid blind spot and create #packaging and #consumer #experience connected with #brand image. Packaging functions & technical parameters can be translated into packaging opportunities to delight #shoppers and consumers.

translate marketing needs into technical parameters:

For example, we love marketers, but we do not always understand what they say ...

they want "authenticity, freshness, simplicity", in packaging language it could mean: transparent material, paper, simple graphic etc... this dictionary must be done and adjusted in function of the brand vibe.

e commerce/ omni-channel /new digital retail

When everything looks the same what will make the difference? #ecommerce supply chain is 10 times more complex than traditional retail and need adjustment in term of packaging design and structure to delight the customers and avoid damages: eg, inner box printing with brand information , right stiffness etc...



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