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how to evaluate health benefits versus environmental impact?

Do we need these transformed products in this type of #packaging? why supermarkets are selling fruit & vegetable prepared products?

It is a question worth asking when single-use plastic packaging is on the sustainability radar.

It could be related to a healthier food proposal with a transparent material to reinforce consumer freshness perception and attractiveness.

It could be based on a need for easy access to food for #aged or #disabled people

But it could also be for pure #convenience reason for people who will usually not eat this type of product because they are single and will not need a whole pineapple or a water melon nor have the time to prepare it.

How to evaluate #consumer & #health benefits vs #environmental impact? Is people health as important as environment?

if the answer is yes: this type of preparation would be right providing the facts that :

  • Packaging is #recyclable and easy to recycle: transparent PET responds to this need.

  • Packaging could be made with #renewable material or #recycled material. Again, PET may be a good solution.

  • Consumers have access to #waste management system which recovers PET

Other materials, as PS tray should be elimited, as well as fruits which don't need preparation (eg.rasberry in the picture attached).



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