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Invisible waste needs to be addressed Circular economy without "filling economy" remains incomplete.

invisible waste

There are 2 types of #waste : the visible (eg. packaging waste) and invisible waste (eg. air & space).

Associations and consumers concentrate their effort on visible waste, but the for our planet, the invisible waste and in particular, the wasted space inside #packaging and #transport packaging radically impact our #environment.

This wasted space in packaging consumes energy, produces additional CO2 and use more raw material than necessary, producing additional physical waste.

This additional Co2, due to additional volume transported, participates to global warming and its transport contributes to additional air pollution.

The normalisation of ecommerce inflates this issue and we need to take this into consideration and define a best practice for ecommerce packaging

Our strategy should be to combine the circular economy and filling economy in order to eliminate visible and invisible waste.

Stop transporting air! Define best practices for ecommerce packaging



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