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is “green barrier”available for packaging?

Most of the consumers do not know or forget it, but all these products in the photo above require barrier materials.

Sometimes products need barrier packaging to have protection against humidity, oxidation, grease etc, especially when the packaging is made of paper or carton.

Barriers need applies to many sectors, for example for pet food, frozen food, detergents, fresh produce corrugated tray for retail, beverage cups …

Environmental and sustainability concerns are providing impetus for development of alternative barrier systems for some of current products. In particular - extruded PE, aluminum foil, fluorochemicals- have all been targeted for replacement .

Water based #coating seems to offer an economically viable solution gathering performance (#barrier) and sustainability as it facilitate recycling of paper based material as it doesn’t impact repulpability or compostability compared to other treatements.

Development of a ‘bespoke green barrier treatment’ (against grease, water, migration etc.) will provide market differentiation especially with cost effective realisation. Most of the chemicals companies are working on it but it seems difficult to have at the same time a material easy to recycle and easy to compost at home.

Water based coating with fossil or renewable content are currently commercially available

Potential exists for new water based coatings –sustainably #biosourced – representing a nice step forward for environmentally solutions with repulpability (recyclability)



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