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Lost in packaging innovation landscape?

Don’t you think that it is quite difficult for a company to implement the right packaging solution due to the number of communications and #innovations we see?

  • Should I invest in #fibre-based packaging material or in #plastic recyclable material? Is it the right time to decide now or should I wait few more months?

  • What will be the consequences if I choose a fibre-based solution and if all the industries do the same? will we have pulp enough?

  • What will happen if I choose a recyclable at a premium #cost today and if a better solution is designed tomorrow?

These are legitimate questions. If I invest now with a premium cost in one packaging solution which is recyclable but if in few months another solution turns out with a better footprint for a lower cost, I will have invested in a packaging line which will become obsolete before any ROI.

During this fantastic innovative and prolific period, should we take a step back and stand by or move forward?

The answer could be: Evaluate and partner to #anticipate the future.

Evaluate instead of passive #communication: be aware of and understand all solutions with their pro and con – Crucial step is to define your criteria , for example : Select option which will enable line flexibility and adjustment to reduce uncertainty.

Partnership instead of #collaboration: select your partners, join together to save time and money. Implement alliance to achieve common goal by combing your and their assets to accomplish the goal: implement the sustainable solution.

Time for collaboration is over – Time to partner & create alliance has arisen.


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