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Lucky we have plastics, lucky we have packaging!

Look around , look at what you need and what you would choose ...

Many people think plastic material is bad, single use packaging an aberration and that most of the time packaging is useless…

The current sanitary crisis demonstrates one important thing: we need to be more balanced with our beliefs regarding plastic and packaging

This situation illustrates the limit of the nude or packaging free product. People forgot what the basic role of packaging was.

- Use packaging to protect food and consumers from contamination during transport and storage of good – Packaging enables preservation of goods from agriculture & breeding for retail or e-commerce solutions

During the transport, design for logistic and optimisation of packaging is key: we need to transport more products – less air: whatever the type of transport: long distance transport, specially by air or for daily e-commerce supply chain. It is not only a question of cost; this is a question of survivance

The contagion has highlighted the critical role that plastics & packaging play in protecting people.

Use plastic to protect human health: single use plastic (cup- cutlery-straw) are essential to avoid contamination between sick and healthy people. Plastics use for protection clothes, masks etc…to protect people - Provide plastic for single use medical equipment, etc.

The current situation clearly shows that we must be objective : There is no good or bad material but there is right and wrong packaging – this is our motto at the right packaging company.

Pointless packaging & unsustainable must stop, not packaging!



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