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Packaging Recycling & sorting labelling information: A mess!

It is recommended or mandatory to display the #sorting information on the packaging unit of the product (for sales packaging) in order to explain to the customer where and how to discard all the different packaging elements of the product.

This seems relevant and the right thing to do … but in Europe, nothing is simple, and consumer’s communication and #labelling may be misleading (green dot, triman, bin colour).

"Urgent action is needed to stop the proliferation of unilateral and divergent national measures"

On June 24, 2021, several industry associations addressed a joint letter to the European Commission asking to harmonize the approach to packaging waste labelling among the EU Countries : Joint-industry-call-for-an-EU-approach-to-packaging-waste-labelling-June-2021-.final_.pdf (

Lack of harmonization represents further barriers to the internal market and is not acceptable.

In addition, each Member State has implemented different regulations on packaging and its recycling. They also developed or favoured specific recycling #stream (e.g. PE in France , PP in Germany) and rules for paper #fibres recycling to be accepted in #paper #waste stream (e.g >50 % , 80 or 95% ) or % of EvOH ( 5 % or 10% ).

Recycling waste streams would also need #harmonization in the single market for the benefit of environment and consumers.

At this stage, unfortunatly, the only solution is to develop Packaging design #guidelines compliant with most of the member states rules.



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