right or wrong customer experience

Updated: Jul 24, 2018

Wow, yes it was a nice #gift in a nice pack ! I felt very impressed and unique ....

It's usually difficult to describe a "nice" or "bad" #customer #experience with technical parameters, we can refer to easy to open, #easy to return but what mainly qualify the "wow" effect ?

According to me, this is when we succeed in exceeding the #shopper expectation. In this specific case,for a luxury product, more packaging material may be necessary than for a basic transport packaging in order to compensate the fact that the shopper will not have the high quality store experience for it. The packaging additional role here is to be the physical contributor of the brand image : high quality of the material, #personal attention , #sustainability credentials ...

the example below it is more complex : the empty space is wasted as nothing compensate it and make it very visible.

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