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single use plastic, still needed ?

These past months, we saw big media coverage and masive communication about single use #plastics

Issue seems today focussed on #food service and #restaurants (eg. straw) and on food retail p#ackaging. What will be next ban : condoms? #pharmaceutical & #cosmetic packaging?

There is almost only one voice about the negative aspect of plastic, even if most of the stakeholders didn’t educate people about differences with plastic made from #renewable resources or not, home #compostable or not plastic, water degradable plastic, #recyclable and #recycled plastic etc. It was quickly shuffled through with no discussion.

3 years ago, with the campaign about #foodWaste, everyone in Europe recognised the need of packaging (incl. Plastic) to reduce waste. But now, consumers believe plastic kill turtles and fishes.

I am not underestimating that plastic in the #ocean is a massive problem and we need to address it. But we must choose the right target as single-use plastic may save your life specially in the medical ara :

this is unecessary packaging amd mismanaged plastic waste the issue not the material.

Shouldn’t we be fair and better educate #consumers? The issue is not the plastic itself but disposal of plastic and absence of large recycling streams (except for PET and PE)- Maybe , banning plastic is the easiest solution compared to finding efficient way of #recycling ?

Media did choose to ban it, refraining interesting barrier properties for food & pharma.

This is a pity



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