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The future of e-commerce is not packaging!

What’s the new normal for commerce? And what can we expect in 2021 and beyond ? it seems it is not having the right packaging eventually . wrote in its last report that: “Lockdowns, travel bans, and retail closures forced the consumer online, and the world’s largest retailers soon followed, in some cases selling direct to consumer (DTC) for the first time. But not all ecommerce newcomers had the infrastructure in place to deliver a world-class customer experience”.

It seems it not only newcomers, but also well-established companies who have issue with packaging and customer experience. See example in the picture above from Feb 2021, not from 2 or 3 years ago.

We continue to receive useless and disappointing packaging, why is this?

  1. Having the right and efficient packaging cost more than transporting air and having broken product.

  2. Additional CO2 emission to transport air , product carbon footprint are still not an issue.

  3. Companies who use #ecommerce do not care about packaging and their customers.

  4. Companies use the cheapest transport companies, who outsource to small business without looking at the full service from factory gate to customer door.

I really wonder. Indeed, solutions exist to act for planet and business. More, too much packaging doesn’t mean protection and it has a cost.

Packaging expert can define the right matrix of box sizes and the appropriate fitment (when needed) to avoid extra cost and bad customer experience.


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