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the shocking environmental cost of wasted space

the shocking environmental cost of wasted space
the shocking environmental cost of wasted space

The WSC* survey said in 2016, the international liner shipping industry transported approximately 130 million containers packed with cargo, with an estimated value of more than $4 trillion.

Studies in EU and US have demonstrated that there is c.a. 20 % average of #wastedSpace due to wrong #packaging dimensions in #containers, especially but not only, for #fashion, #footwear, #DIY products categories.

Not all containers contains packaged products, but removing 10 to 20 % of containers will save a lot of money, in addition to saving CO2 and reducing air pollution due to fuel particules!

In 2018, total #freight for containerized trade across the main lane routes reached 175 million containers - (With €1500 to € 900/TEU, you can evaluate your annual saving. Globally we can expect saving 15- 20 mio containers and 15-20 billion euros ...)

This saving will increase if you add the cost of wasted space in warehouse and outbound #packaging (from warehouse to consumer or to the #retail store).

If we consider #ecommerce packaging transport in the supply chain, the number above will (not should) drastically increase, due to the wasted space in trucks.

We spend more money than we need on sea freight - we could save millions in Europe regarding transport cost with the right packaging dimensions and impact less our environment !

While we  have identified the issue with food waste we should consider also invisible waste (wasted space).

*WSC : world shipping council



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