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time to act is over! it's time to adapt

It’s simple, this is the “principle of 3”: humans live 3 min without air, 3 days without water and nearly 3 months without food!

it’s time to apply this rule to all our choices: It means we have to select products

  1. with supply chain emitting the lowest air pollution

  2. with low or no water consumption

  3. avoiding food waste and food used for other purpose than feeding people.

When it’s come to packaging, which has a role to play, we need to choose it based on priorities above and impacts below:

  1. unpolluted air: mean packaging production with clean energy and low particule emission (especially for road or sea freight)- no wasted space during transport to avoid transporting air.

  2. fresh water access: prefer packaging which doesn’t use water or recycle & clean water and material with low impact on global warming during its production a transport and use.

  3. packaging to preserve food from spoilage and contamination from production to consumers to avoid any food waste. Packaging which doesn’t use arable land and need pesticide to preserve land for human's food.

Solutions already exist, all the rest is nice to do in parallel of these vital choices, but we now need to focus as we missed the opportunity - it’s now time to adapt and clearly score packaging against these 3 simple priorities and make the right choices .

Planet will remain, but probably not us ….

The most sustainable packaging is not always what you think  and non expert are getting lost!



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