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we must balance use of different packaging materials in sustainability.

With no balance, we will break our neck!

No matter what packaging experts think, there are so many loud opinions regarding packaging that the right #solutions are inaudible!

Packaging became a political and electoral topic and packaging stakeholders stay idly by and allow it to happen…

We watch a communication war which is pushing the industry to be even more silent.

Organisations request ban of #plastic instead of promoting mutualisation & knowledge sharing about best packaging for a given application. Why? because industry stood silent during too long time? They didn’t seriously look at the issues? maybe, but it is never too late to act.

#Consumers are completely lost in this debate, they need clear communication with relevant examples but today they hear only one voice: plastic is bad.

Packaging industries and association’s voices, if any, are whispered. Should we be ashamed of packaging, does packaging present no advantage for the human health and our future? Shouldn’t we focus on the benefits and reduce negative environmental impact and #unnecessary packaging?

At the #social network time, there is something wrong …

We know we must better manage our #waste, but waste is a combination of several factors, this is not only liked to one type of packaging.

It is important to have the right balance in packaging materials use. It’s like for a diet: too much fat is unhealthy, no fat is dangerous.

Tomorrow, who will be next ? do you remember when organisations said that paper makers was killing the forest & the planet? Next could be #fibres again, then #glass, #metal? we know we need all these materials to feed the population and for human health. Go too far in "all in plastic" is a mistake but go too far in “all in glass” or “all in carton” (when fibres demand will growth to 70 % in 2050) is unwise too .

There is hierarchy in the human needs: access to air, water and food. Packaging enables satisfying #human needs in an effective way for 2 vital needs: fresh #water and safe #foodThere is no bad or good raw material only wrong or right packaging.

it’s maybe the time for the whole industry to establish a map of the best practices for packaging/product/experience taking into account all raw materials.
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