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will the future of packaging be exciting, or will there be "no future"?

What’s the future look like? As packaging is the reflect of our society, should we go back to square one with only protection functions or do we have still room for exciting design ?

To understand the likely scenarios, we would need to look at 10 drivers below which impact the future of packaging:

  1. Climate change impact and increase resources efficiency : Need to reduce product & packaging waste – increase recycling- clean landscape , remove wasted space (filling economy) and optimise transport- develop new sustainable supply chains

  2. Instant communication with fakes and truth misleading consumers: could lead new certification easier to understand- verified product and packaging- trusted web site – trusted packaging – trusted product

  3. New technologies : developing interactive &smart packaging to avoid product waste, counterfeiting and to support medical prescription, easier access to information. 3 D printing & robotics will impact on demand packaging removing wasted space in packaging and supply chain, provide flexible machine

  4. Next financial crisis may be close; leading 2 main streams: luxury & trendy packaging design for luxury goods and basic packaging for all commodities incl. food.

  5. Earth Population increase : access to food and fresh water will be the main issue in several parts of the world . Do not waste water and food will be vital and this needs new production systems with efficient supply chain

  6. Legislation for additional bans and to increase taxes - need simpler packaging, remove unnecessary packaging

  7. Security – need for transparency & increase food safety- use block chain data for product & packaging

  8. Protectionism – people prefer local vs global – individual & local production will impact short and direct distribution supply chain and so packaging.

  9. People Gratification - still need for enhanced self-experience, convenience & easiness

  10. Social - adequate packaging regarding diet, religion, gender, etc.

In short, if we agree that we cannot continue to consume and produce as we currently do, we would need to reinvent the production & supply chain – this means creating new jobs and systems to preserve and protect our products. Developing the right packaging will be an important enabler!

Changing our consumption habits will change the whole value chain, including employment.

We must study all the impacts and not a single link. Businesses and jobs need to be reinvented to redevelop the business socially by avoiding that changes in our industrial habits put people permanently on the sidelines...

let's be humanly sustainable !


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